Hi lovely!

I am Tanja Ek, the founder of Medifill. I am a registered nurse, cosmetologist and a practical nurse specialized in first responding.

It is important to me, that the clients feel beautiful and healthy. In my work, I want to highlight the very best qualities of my clients and give them a comprehensive and calm treatment experience. My work values are uniqueness, quality, safety and asepsis.

I offer a wide selection of aesthetic treatments which I have experienced to be the best over the years, due to the feedback of my clients and due to the results. I educate myself constantly further and offer the latests techniques i.a. injection treatments. 


Professional and individual treatment. The very best is her calmness during the treatment, I'm not nervous at all for being treated by her.❣️


Tanja is so great, listens to the wishes of the client carefully and aims perfection, she also shares her own observations and opinions, like how to carry out the dermal filler for the lips in order to get the best possible outcome.❣️


Professional and such friendly and calm personality. Quality work and first-class results.

Big recommendation!

Tanja is able to calm down even a client with a needle phobia with her calm and professional essence. The ending result is always better than what you could've imagined. Also the result always looks very natural to me. ♥️ 

Tanja is so lovely and in a customer service situation, she is always calm and well-informed. I went to get a lip filler from Tanja and my lips became just perfect. Natural but voluminous result lasted long!😍